Our Use of Electric Vehicles

Planet Minimal is committed to reducing the impact we have on our environment, meaning we strive constantly for improvement to our products and services to make them as low impact as possible. This would all seem like a worthless task, though, if we weren’t also working to ensure that our delivery methods are as low impact as possible too.

Electric vehicles have an enormous part to play in improving the way we get around. They provide a substantial CO2 emissions saving (which will only continue to get better as electricity grids continue to add renewables). Air quality is a major issue in our cities too, and with no tailpipe emissions, EVs have a secondary benefit that is at least as important as their potential to help address climate change. You only need to look at some of the stats in this report from the World Health Organisation to get an understanding of the extend of the impact of exhaust emissions on human health.

We wouldn’t be happy running Planet Minimal knowing we were contributing to climate change and London’s dirty air issues, so we have made a pledge to only add electric vehicles to our fleet. Not only is this a win for the environment, but our drivers will get to benefit from using vehicles that are quieter, smoother and just generally a pleasure to operate compared to their diesel equivalents. We also stand to make considerable cost savings in the operation of electric vehicles as they don’t incur congestion charges or emissions charges and have favourable tax arrangements. Not to mention the savings on fuel costs which are substantial. More and more businesses are recognising the need to switch their fleets to EV and this is great to see. It’s also important that personal transport is electric, of course, and you might be surprised to learn how affordable it is. Go Ultra Low is a great resource for information if you are keen to find out more.

For now, Planet Minimal is run with just one Nissan eNV200, which we’ve named Ernie. More will be added very soon.

For now, Planet Minimal is run with just one Nissan eNV200, which we’ve named Ernie. More will be added very soon.

This still leaves elements of our supply chain that are run using more traditional freight methods. Our bulk containers, for example are delivered by diesel trucks, simply because the technology is not quite there yet to make this possible with electric drivetrains. There is more detail on the good and the bad of this in our other blog post ‘Last Mile Deliveries’. There are interesting developments in this space - Tesla (with their semi truck plans) and a few of the incumbent automakers are making important strides forward in the development of zero emissions heavy trucking.

We are aware that there is still plenty of work to do to get better, but we will always seek to select suppliers and partners that can demonstrate environmental stewardship. One day, we will be able to say that the entire supply chain is diesel delivery free, and we look forward to it so much.

We will continue to keep you informed on developments on this - please do check in for news or sign up to our newsletter to get monthly updates.

Hamish Ainsley