So how did Planet Minimal come about?

It was all to do with a long build up of frustration at how slow progress can be towards a more sustainable way of living. Our founder, Hamish Ainsley, first got in to sustainability in 2011 when he worked for a not-for-profit in Australia planting trees as voluntary carbon offsets for commercial vehicle fleets.

He later went on to join Tesla, recognising that electric cars were a better solution than releasing the carbon and then trying to recapture it slowly over time in trees! Not that that is a fruitless exercise at all - tree planting is a very worthy pursuit, and anything that encourages it where it wouldn’t otherwise happen is a valuable endeavour.

Post-Tesla, Hamish set about working on businesses that would help to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, business models for the disruption of car sales that are more suitable to the EV ecosystem, and charging network development.

He then chose to take the path of forming a business that would have the use of electric vehicles at its heart. The idea for Planet Minimal hatched out of this and a growing unease at the plastic pollution crisis. Something that used electric vehicles to help address this was the order of the day and it was one afternoon in the cleaning products aisle of a large supermarket that the inspiration hit. A conservative estimate for the amount of plastic in that aisle alone stands at two tons. Plastic is everywhere in supermarkets, as we are being reminded everyday, so lots of businesses need to work on how to reduce its use across the full range of products on offer. It seemed a good place to start was with these relatively dense 1 - 1.5 litre plastic bottles.

The next step was seeking a brand partner that was making good quality, environmentally friendly and cruelty/animal product-free liquids. Not many people realise that a lot of brands use animal fat in their laundry products, something you can read more about in our blog section. Planet Minimal doesn’t believe in animal exploitation, so that was a red line that was drawn up immediately.

We were very fortunate to come across Fill, who share our values and passion for working towards a better way of living, and we are very happy to be partnering with them as we develop our services for the growing zero waste shopping trend. Other brands will be added in due course, and we would be very happy to hear from anyone looking for a zero emissions logistics partner to supply their products to zero waste shops and environmentally conscious businesses.

Thanks for reading!