Waste-Free Cleaning Product Supplies

Planet Minimal was formed to help address the plastic pollution crisis.

We use electric vehicles to deliver a range of environmentally friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products to zero waste shops and the hospitality industry across London. All containers that we deliver are collected to be taken away for refill, meaning no single use plastic waste is generated.

We partner closely with carefully selected, local (UK-based) manufacturers and brands, meaning the mileage in our supply chain is kept to a minimum, and we work hard to ensure that our supply partners have similar objectives to ours regarding good environmental stewardship. All ingredients in products we supply are carefully scrutinised by the Planet Minimal team and must be cruelty-free, biodegradable and lack the harsh chemicals that can be found in many commercial brands.

Everything we do is geared towards allowing the products to be supplied to end-users in the lowest impact way possible. We think it’s sad to see businesses delivering claimed ‘environmentally friendly’ products using diesel vans, for example! There’s no excuses in an urban environment any more.

We supply zero waste shops so that their customers can refill their own containers with products safe in the knowledge that everything has been done to minimise waste in the process of getting the products to them. Check out our stockists page to see where you can go to get a refill.

We supply businesses in the hospitality industry with the same objective - making sure that our clients know they are doing everything they can to help the environment. It can really help to make a difference to their public relations efforts around sustainability, too. Click here for more information on the products we supply to hotels, bars and restaurants.

Because of the efficiencies inherent in our model (eg. no single use packaging, the use of electric vehicles), we are highly competitive on price too.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us.